Back in New Zeland

Howdy folks,

I’m back in NZ after a few year’s absence. I’m in the Christchurch region (Lincoln) and am interested in doing some detecting on the weekends. I’ve got my own gear and plenty of detecting experience in the US, but none in NZ. If anyone would like to meet up and show me how its done around here, I’d love the company.

-Ryan (NZ49er)

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Would you love the company, or love to be showen where they are finding their gold? It always amuses me when people come out with posts like this. In the past I have taken people up to spots of mine. People I didn’t know from a bar of soap but thinking I would help them out & make some new friends. Once I had taken them to an area, & found gold, I never heard from them again. Hardly got a thanks & certainly no continued friendship. But the real kicker was when I went back to these areas a while later, who should I bump into but the very person I had taken & a couple of his mates. This happened on two seperate occations with two seperate people I had taken to spots of mine. I dont do that any more.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m not looking for anyone’s secret spot or anything of the kind. Just want some advice on detecting beaches/domains/reserves. I’ve found some pretty decent gold in the public fossicking areas, so I’m happy to stick with those as far as gold goes. My main concern is my American accent if someone decides to throw a fuss about me detecting a public reserve or domain. I’m very good about digging clean plugs and packing out trash, but I also know how people can be sometimes.

I’ve got a good mate up Nelson way who I’ve done some panning with in public areas before, but that’s an awful long way from here, so I’m really just looking for some company in the immediate area.



Corsair Bay used to be my happy hunting spot when I lived in Christchurch and all I had was a Minelab Sovereign. A few rings, brass buckles that dated back to the 1800’s and a 4 lb cannon ball. Was a swimming spot for years,even had a segregated spot for the fairer sex and change rooms. All the years I lived in Chch, I never detected in Hagley Park. Moved to Marlborough then everyone was detecting in Hagley Park.