Back in ch_ch a couple of hunts

gday from cIMG_1773IMG_1774IMG_1775IMG_1777IMG_1778IMG_1779IMG_1780IMG_1784IMG_1772 back to my old site,very hard going now been well pounded,not much to show but a few interesting bits, also found a knife i found in my garage i thought i lost in brisbane,good luck.


Not wasting any time there!
Look out Chch…Get out there and dig what you can while there’s still something left.

Should have given the knife a wipe with an oily rag before you put it away :laughing:


Some good finds there Roy, a Vicky penny and a silver from a thrashed area is a win in my book. Is that George v a pin? Hopefully see you around here in Christchurch good luck.

Hi Roy. Very nice finds.


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no its been cut from a penny somebody was skilled and patient.

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