Back country camping

What do people do when going into the hills for a few days or a summer dredging. Do you set up a tent and tarps. Or do you have a hut you helicopter in. After a day dredging coming back to a hut with gas hot water and a fire would be great rather than a tent. What have been done/ want to do.

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this was our place of rest after a days dredging on my claim.


Looks mint bit big to chopper around each season to new spots on the claim haha

it was a permanent hut left from the previous claim owner , it had 2 rooms one a bedroom , caz and I painted inside and out carpet the bed room , double bed, arm chairs in the kitchen area netting over the windows and weed eated round the hut . doc found out and told us it had to be striped out . it was never locked and heaps of people used it
those were the days . life was good


Ah, many a fond memory of that place! Including “Oi! Claim jumpers! I’ve got your rego you know!” :stuck_out_tongue: Back in my innocent days before I knew about all the red tape involved.


yes I remember that day .

my new book “how I met gavin”

yep those were the days. stay safe mate

Bloody hell Keith the landy has aged just like the
rest of us not Cas though. I know who dose the

Oh, and I remember the river crossing to get back out after it pissed it down with rain. I really though I was going to hydraulic the engine of my 4WD on pretty much it’s maiden voyage. I immediately went out and had a snorkel fitted after that… then felt cheated as the rest of the summer the river was a trickle in comparison :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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