Awsome day out!

hi all its great to be on the new site! we went out for a day on the weekend and had a we bit of luck with some nice coins found then right at the end of the day BOOM a very nice 18 ct ring! our first gold ring very happy!


aA few coins to go with it as well!


Brilliant discoveries!

Cool gold guys. Any Hallmarks?


Cool ring,18ct as well,congrats,:thumbsup: makes all the hours worth it,good luck for the future hunts.

im not to sure about gold marks it has 18ct and an animal beside it looks like a cat or bear of some kind any help would be great!


I think if it is a Bear it may be Russian. Not sure.
It is a good looking ring probably worth quite a bit.


Congrats on the gold… Very nice indeed. That’s a lot of coins you have dug up. I’d say you have a nice wee untouched spot there.

thanks iggy it was good to finally get one! the two spots we hunted were places we have hunted before its awsome how you can keep going back to a place and still find stuff!

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Very nice GOLD, well done.


Amazing, you guys are really killing it.
Great to have you on board the new forums.

Hey Steptoe,the bear is the swiss hallmark for gold,high quality ring you have there,well done.


thanks guys its great to be able to show our finds and see all the great stuff you guys find. we only took the hobby up at the end of last year as we did a lot of bottle digging but that is getting harder now. its crazy how much stuff we have found metal detecting you relay have to stick with it!

it gets addictive!!!

Sure does nice finds

Very much so. :beer: