Australian Historical Gold Mine Locations

These files are thanks to @Gavzilla who said he was happy for them to be shared in case it helps someone find a nugget…

HistoricalGoldMinesNSW.kmz (110.8 KB)
HistoricalGoldMinesNT.kmz (19.0 KB)
HistoricalGoldMinesQLD.kmz (538.2 KB)
HistoricalGoldMinesSA.kmz (15.0 KB)
HistoricalGoldMinesTas.kmz (25.3 KB)
HistoricalGoldMinesVic.kmz (109.8 KB)
HistoricalGoldMinesWA.kmz (226.4 KB)

BTW: I’ve now enabled uploading of GPX, KML & KMZ files to posts in case anyone else has GIS info they’re feeling generous with.


When I was 17 in the latter 90s I lived in a ghost town called kookynie in western Australia, towards Leonora, was an amazing place riddled with history and mine shafts huge ones under the town I spent a lot of time exploring. A lot of them still had all the gear from early 1900s, tools, wheelbarrows, carts and tracks…
In one I found a bottle with a newspaper clipping inside, it was an advert for a bicycle for sale it turned out to be the exact one that was hanging in the wee local museum… like to think it was the motivation for a young worker.
I worked down the road on yerilla station where there were mineshafts everywhere. Found a wee nugget in the kicked up ground in the sheep yards one day.


I did a lot of drilling around Kookynie / Leonora / Laverton / Agnew / Wiluna and to the East in the 80’s and 90’s, as well as up in the Pilbara and Kimberley.

Plenty of interesting places out there.