Aussie gold hunters

Hello everyone, we have just joined your forum and wanted to say howdy.
We are Chris and Greg from the Discovery show AGH and have met some super NZ people here in Western Australia while doing our training day tours.
Hope your all enjoying the new series of our latest gold discoveries and some of the crazy things that happen to us in our lifestyle of gold hunting.
So hello to all the kiwis and many thanks for supporting us, we luv yous all.
Cheers Chris and Greg “The Gold Gypsies”


Oooh, didn’t realise there was a new series out! That’s my winter watching sorted :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

I’ve had one detecting trip out your way a good few years back now, just around Leonora. Had an awesome time and found a wee bit of gold to keep me happy. Hoping to get over to Oz for another detecting mission at some point in the near future.

I bet the Aussie Gold Hunters show has caused a bit of a gold rush over there in recent years. Have you noticed more people out there as a result?

Hey Chris and Greg,a big kiwi kia ora from all of us,really enjoy watching the two of you getting stuck in.
Not sure if I could handle all the dust,heat and flies though,you guys are real troopers staying out there for weeks on end,but oh man you guys have some good size golden slugs over in Aussie,we’ve only got fine gold over here.So good luck for the up coming season…cant wait for you Chris to find a monster nug and for you Gregg to start crying like a baby again.cheers Mal

big fan of the program here. much better than gold rush. more realistic and not as many made up dramas.

Hi there all good to hear that AGH is rated better than Gold Rush wow,

we do have some good fun filming the show and sometimes we ask ourselves

why are we doing this, as filming takes about 6 months with breaks in between.

I think there should be some Kiwis in the show as there is already a pom in it.

Not too sure if we will be in the next series as its up to Discovery to choose,

So guys been good chatting

Cheers your Gold Gypsies


Aussie Gold Hunters is much better than Gold Rush, more realistic and great to see metal detectors in action. You’ve been my favourite team in it.

It maybe a bit bold of me asking, but why are you now running an ATX over your Minelabs? Was it sponsorship or do you have a performance based reason for the nuggets you’re getting?


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Hi Simon we decided to use Garrett ATX in the show because we have been doing Garrett training days and really wanted to learn more about the detector.

Found it extremely stable on hit ground to our surprise but Chris did find it a heavy machine to use and the volume was too quiet for us.

There was no deal done, we just thought it was good to have some opposition to just Minelabs being used in the show. I do think it’s funny that Minelab advertise during the show and there we are using Garrett’s and getting some nice results.
But that’s what happens when there is no sponsorship deal, we can use any manufacturer of metal detectors if we like to. Would like to hear more feedback about the show guys

Cheers Chris n Greg


Thanks, I appreciate your honest answer. I am all for competition so I’m rather pleased with your answer.

I enjoy the show as it’s real down to earth prospecting, getting out there swinging metal detectors, something that we can all do, so different to Gold Rush and can’t even be compared.

I hope Discovery gets you guys back for another season, you’re enjoyable to watch, and as a matter of fact, the show encouraged me to buy my first detector after Season 1 :slight_smile:


Gday guys, I don’t suppose you worked around Kookynie? A great place with a population then of 12 with my cousin and I, incredible gold mining history and kilometres of tunnels under the town which are amazing! Lived with an amazing couple whom made their life from gold in the local region. This was the late 90’s.A local sheep station around there I worked on, i found a nugget of gold just sitting in the stirred up dust of the sheepyards.

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Hi Nick, funny you should talk about Kookynie as we had an agreement to purchase

a lease about 6 klms out of town and the shit head sold it on us 2 days before

we gave him the money, so much for a mans word.

Would have liked to hang around Kookynie as really like the place, so we found

another lease closer to kalgoorlie but probably not as good as Kookynie one.

I am amazed you still have your gold from their that was a good find.

At the moment we are hunting for a suitable lease for perhaps the next AGH,

if we are in it again thats why we really wanted the Kookynie lease would

have been perfect.

Many cheers Chris and Greg

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when will you guys know if you are on the next series and when do they start filming

Hi Guss sorry mate but we are under contract and are obligated not devulge information about the show. How’s things going over there, hope you are enjoying the current season.


Chris and Greg

its cold and getting withdrawal symptoms from no fossicking. always enjoy aussie gold hunters. good luck this year if you are in it. was good to see you have a run of luck in the new series. about time the gold gods saw things your way. :grin:

Hi Chris and Gregg. Really dig the show. Great to hear from you on the forum.
keep safe and happy hunting.


hi chris and gregg. are you guys in the next series.

holy hell did any of you guys see the chunks of gold dug up in last weeks episode. 1 at 80oz and 1 at 50oz.

Yep. Just seen it. Even the Abo brothers got there first gold. Just shy of one ounce. Beats my 7 small bits today for just over 1 gram.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: