Aussie Gold Hunters, New to discovery channel

They have just started advertising this on Sky TV, looks set to launch shortly (I will update this post when I get a time and date)

Join the hard-core gold prospectors of Outback Australia as they battle to strike it rich in gruelling conditions, extreme weather, and competitive pressure during the Gold Season. Follow the highs and lows of three gold crews over 8 episodes to see who will come out on top with the biggest finds.


I’ve been enjoying the north american focused shows, will be good to see something a bit closer to home. Looking forward to watching it.

I wonder if it’ll cause a mini gold rush in Oz?!

Just watched the first episode - loving it so far. Making me want to go on another gold detecting trip over there now!

Cheers Gav, nice to watch something a bit closer to home. Looking forward to watching the series. Should do one on gems!!

Episode 6 now online,

Who else has been watching this? I for one have been really enjoying it, a welcome change from the scripted feel of the big American shows, and you better believe there have been some whopper nuggets unearthed.

I’ve been following it so cheers for the original heads up. Loving it. Bet it’s causing quite a gold rush over there with detectors. Making me want to organise a trip over there for next winter!

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Got it set to record…it looks like it will be pretty good going by the shorts.
Thanks for the heads up Darren

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Episode 7 is online now! I have been waiting all week for this episode, since the last one!

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Must be over two ounces - OMG.


Anybody watch the first series last nite.
I liked the bit when they dug a signal under a fallen tree for half an hour then realised it was a tin can inside a hole in the tree.


Not yet but it’s on my to do list :blush:

I remember that one. I wonder how much junk they’ve been pulling out that just went to the cutting room floor? Suprising how much junk is out in these old timer spots. I remember on a detecting mission a while back in WA dealing with lots of pieces of wire from old timers rusted sieves.

I think they’re on the last but one episode now for people watching via alternative means.

I would say GOLD to spacejunk targets would very some what.
Ive heard conflicting stories like one in seventy targets are good and others where the ground is quiet so dig everything.
Couldnt speak from experience meself but id dig a trip to the outback.

Note on the show that the heat/sun was overwellming and a force to be reckoned with. That i can vouch for - been there.

Go the GOLD
Shady Aftermath


On the opposite end of the spectrum I was like “oh, it can’t get that cold at night” and packed a very poor choice of sleeping bag. Was I in for a surprise - layering up in as many clothes as I could before hitting the sack. Beautiful during the day in winter - perfect, but frickin freezing at night! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh for sure- lived there for many years.
Hard to place yeself in that heat (40-45-50c) when its a bit fresh here.
Fairly sure they mentioned that they shouldnt of been there this time of year. I thought that hunting season was winter.

Dig that bit when when Kell’s detecting buddy offered to retreive her GOLD piece from the hole she dug. The look on her face like “touch it and you may die”.

Been watching it on sky ch.70 thurs 7.30pm. First episode just been on. Watched it three times now.


Episode 2 on sky tonite. Will be the highlight of the week.


better series than I expected. not as much made up drama as gold rush or Yukon gold. nice gold to. does anyone know if they have public fossicking areas in aussie like we do.

GOLD there be, and a bit of skirt too.



They do, but it’s not free.

You have to buy a permit which costs about $50 a year to access these areas, at least thats the deal in far north queensland, not sure about victoria but I’m sure it would be similar.

that’s pretty good for a year though.