Aussie gold hunter in town

Hi all, great little forum you have here.

As the title suggests, I have come over to visit a mate for three weeks, staying not far from from Luggate, Cromwell area.
I have been here 4 or 5 times before and always threatend to bring my gold detector with me.

Well this time I did, so I am really hoping that a generous lease holder, forum memer etc… may give me permission to go for a swing for a day or two on their lease. We can share any gold no dramas.

I brought my Minelab gpx 4500 and 17 x 11 nugget finder eliptical coil.

Each winter I spend 12-16 weeks in the goldfields of Western Australia, more as a hobby that pays for itself than anything else.

I am 45 yrs old, medium fitness, non smoker, social drinker haha.
I have the use of my mates 4wd also.
I am here now until the 30th of this month.

Was really hoping to get a chance to have a swing on areas other than the open public prospecting section of the Arrow river etc…

Hopefully i can repay the gesture if somebody happened to visit the WA goldfields anytime in the future.

Looking forward to any replies or offers.

Cheers Garry


Hi Garry!

I’m not a claim holder, nor a land leaser unfortunately. In fact I’m just like you, looking for somewhere to swing my detector. So far I’ve been fossicking around the public areas and I’ve had quite some luck I must say :blush:

These nuggets are all from public areas :innocent:

Since most rivers and creeks are claimed I’m looking into going up the mountains. Don’t think you’re allowed to by law, but as long as you’re not on claimed/private ground I guess it’s not that much of a deal? I mean, I’ve seen other people doing it…

Anyway, I’m looking for some company. I’m always by myself and sometimes it gets boring. Would love to meet other, more experienced gold hunters (I’m just a newbie). If you don’t have any luck with finding claim holders that will let you detect on their claims, would you be keen to go somewhere for a detect? Don’t know where though…

I’m in Arrowtown atm, but will most likely be around Alexandra by next week :cowboy_hat_face:

Cheers, Elias


Hi Elias,
Thanks for your message, looks like you are doing very well so far, Gold is never easy to find!

Yes sure I would be keen to meet up for a swing, I am not sure where tho, only legal place I know is the Arrow river.

I had a few hrs looking today up a creek near Cardrona. No luck, very difficult conditions, steep, rocky, grassy etc… hehe
So what machine do you use?
And you are a kiwi or you are travelling?

Cheers Garry

I’m just a traveler looking for adventures. Have come all the way from Sweden to do some panning/detecting :cowboy_hat_face: I swing Minelab’s latest gold detector: Gold Monster 1000. It’s not as advanced as the more expensive ones (GPX-series), but it does a really good job, especially on the smaller gold :blush:

I’m out hunting as we speak, however no luck yet. Guess the easiest gold has already been picked up by previous detectors. The conditions here are pretty much the same; steep, rocky and gorse/thorns freaking everywhere :roll_eyes:

There are 4 public areas around Queenstown: 12 Mile Creek, 5 Mile Creek, Shothover River and Arrow River. It was in the two first creeks I found the nuggets :nerd_face:

I guess we can just check the map and see if there is any interesting areas around? Should be alright as long as we stay away from any claim, or at least that’s what I’ve been told :innocent:

Hi Elias,
I can come for a drive to Arrowtown/ Queenstown in the morning if you want to go for a swing mate?
Let me know.

Cheers Garry

Hi Garry

Best of luck with your Otago detecting. Hope you do well.

Just on another matter, one or two of us are thinking along the WA and overseas detecting trips and would like to know if you have had any problems with airlines carrying lithium ion batteries on planes. Any tips, ideas etc.

Thanks in advance

If you give me the watt hour rating of your particular battery, I will get you an answer for Air NZ.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the good luck wishes hehe.

I have only taken my detector to another country once, that was this trip, I was on Virgin, they werent fussed on size of battery, just needed to keep in my carry on cabin baggae, not in the hold, so if there are any problems it can immediately accessed rather than hidden in the hold.

Regarding WA,

Heres a link to a youtube movie of mine, theres others there too, filmed in WA.

You may pick up a fee things from watching :slight_smile:

Cheers Garry


Thanks Boots. Really enjoyed the vidio. I spent a year in the Pilbara driving machinery many many moons ago.
Hell we lived in tents back then for a good part of it.
Thanks again.

Hi Digahole11

Batteries are:
7.2v DC 34 Wh

7.4v DC.

I tried AirNz but were pretty vague. See how you go and we may put it up as a topic on it’s own.

Thanks & Good luck

All lithium ion batteries, let air nz know on check in. Under 100 watt hours= must be in CARRY ON baggage. Over 100 watt hours, different rules apply. Not allowed to be checked in. If you do place it in you checked in bags, aviation security will remove it. Maximum of 2 batteries. As an example the standard battery that comes with the gpx4500 is 68 watt hours, so can be carried on.

No rules around voltage that I could find.

Might help to have an email from manufacturer on check in, stating watt hours.

Thanks Digahole - you’re a gem.