Aussie gold, how, where, etc. spend some time over there, holiday away from everybody but I need more info, especially safety!

Im curious about how to “pop over” to aussie for a short period(say month…) & get into prospecting & camping out as well… anybody here done this? where… cause its a pretty big place! Im also thinking I could pick up a used detector as well. Im retired so times no issue & I think me wife might just be in favour as well!!!

I think there are a few guys running tours doing that kind of thing.

Maybe ask on here- the Aussie Detecting Forum

Hi Billygoat,

Wow, that is a big question. I’ve done a bit of prospecting in Victoria and WA as well as gem fossicking in Queensland. I guess the first thing to decide is where you want to go, and when. I will try and outline some things below:

Western Australia: It’s hot, it’s big, and land is predominantly under claim. If you want to come over and detect in WA you need a miners right ($25 from the department of mines) and you need to have approval from claim holders if you want to detect on their land. Use these websites to help guide your search for land to detect on: TENGRAPH Interactive geological map (GeoVIEW.WA)

For safety purposes over here, a personal epirb, a gps, water and decent outdoor experience is a good start along with all the usual things.

Victoria: Again, you need a miners right, and most ground is under claims. National parks are your best bet to find anything, there are also a fair few tour groups that go out and they will be able to provide detectors. This is a good start:

Safety is less of an issue in Victoria, still the usual range of snakes and spiders to watch out for.

Queensland: I haven’t done any gold prospecting but have been gem fossicking around Emerald and Sapphire (pretty original names for the towns) and it is a lot of fun. Again, there are tour guide options or you can self guide with public areas available. The fields are also pretty close to the towns so you have camping grounds close by etc.

If it’s your first foray into Australian prospecting I would suggest Queensland gem fields, almost guaranteed to find something, proximity to services is good, and other than the crazy locals there is minimal chance of getting into strife. Every year in WA prospectors go missing and unfortunately not all are found.

Hope that helps somewhat, if you’ve got any further questions then let me know.


Hhmm me thinks! might be a wee bit too big an idea… perhaps a guided tour may well be the most sensible, I certainly appreciate your experience of this huge country & yes the safety side is utmost, but i will peek into those sites you’ve mentioned. Big thanks