Auckland Detectorists' Meeting

A few of us are getting together on Monday 12th September at 7pm at Lincoln Green, 159 Lincoln Road, Henderson.
Closest motorway exit is Lincoln Road on the North Western Motorway. Join us for a drink, some nibbles, and some chat.
Ask at the bar for LaniMac, or look for the lady with the white hair.
Cheers, LaniMac


sounds like a great idea , I finish work at 7pm so mite be a bit late , but would like to be there

That’s great. Look forward to meeting you. It’s just an informal get-together at this stage, so if you’re late, that’s fine. We’ll share a pizza and some fries, so don’t need to have dinner first.
Cheers, LaniMac

Hi sorry for the late notice but I can’t make it due to problem at work. Hopefully it goes well and I can make it to the next one.

Sorry for the late reply. Well it was a small meeting, only three of us, but it was great to meet some others also interested in metal detecting. Don’t know about another meeting at this stage. I’ll wait a month or so and then repost. Maybe we need to make it a more central location - Pt Chev? I used to belong to Te Tahi Metal Detecting Club, but was working full-time then and it was quite a drive from Oratia to the venue in Ellerslie/Panmure after a long day’s work!
I went on two outings with some of the members and learnt a lot, so wanted to see if others in Auckland would be interested in having such a club again, or some sort of informal gatherings.
I’d like to meet up with you though, for a drink and a chat, or maybe accompany you on a dig. The other two who attended the meeting may also be interested. I’ll leave the date and time up to you.
Cheers, LaniMac

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Would be great to have a club in Auckland!

Hi Little Kiwi. It would be good to have a club again in Auckland, but the city is so spread out the question is where to hold it? I was initially thinking of an informal club, with get-togethers held in different areas, but there did not seem to be too many Westies interested in getting together out West.
Does anyone have any suggestions about how to go about getting those interested in meeting together? And where? I was thinking of Pt Chev, as its not too far for those out West, on the Shore, or central Auckland to get too. Maybe another club for those south of Auckland City?

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Pt. Chev sounds good. Are there any halls in that area?

Hi Little Kiwi
It all depends on how many people would be interested. There are several halls in the area, but the hire charge depends on the size of the room, therefore need to have an indication of those people interested before looking at hiring a room. I thought maybe a bar in the area to start with, so that we can see how many would be interested in starting a club again, have a drink and a chat. If anyone knows of where we could get together in Pt Chev (or nearby), that would be good to know.
And we would also need to decide on a date and a time. Maybe on a Tuesday at 7.30pm? Or we could just arrange to meet up on a weekend afternoon?
Does anyone else have any thoughts about this?