ATX beats GPX5000 for half the price?

Ive heard good things about the Garrett, most of all its extremely good value.

Then I saw this video. Any opinions? I dont own either. But the ATX is waterproof is it not?

Just about 100% of the people running PI detectors for gold detecting that I’ve come across have been using Minelab, so I’d imagine that would indicate a general consensus.

But I’ve not had any first hand experience with the Garrett ATX myself.

Hi Gavin I have a ATX for sale with all three coils hard case
yours for $3500.00

@moonlight cheers, but I’m not in the market for a new toy at the moment. But what’s been your views of it out of curiosity?

its like saying one brand of skis is better than the other, when they all do the same job.

Correct, they’ll all get you down the mountain, but the skiers that are good enough will notice the differences between them :wink: