At pro bigger coil

Hi all does anyone have a bigger than standard coil for sale to fit an at pro? Or know where to buy one from? Also if you run one what do you think of it?

I have a Nel Attack 15" with cover I don’t really use - Too much Kikuyu up here and I tend to go stock or sniper in the parks. Got it for hovering goldies out of the dry sand - Fish in a barrel stuff if you notch everything else out.

The times I have used it I have had to be picky about how deep I want to dig. You can find yourself in a trench chasing 2c pieces. Pinpointing is reasonably sharp given the coil size with surface targets sitting in the coil notch and further under the coil as they get progressively deeper.

It’s a beast, so I’d be throwing the strap in as well - essential if waving for more than an hour.

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Hi mud wiggle it does sound like a beast! I’d be interested in it for going over ground I’ve cleaned out to see what else is hiding? Are you interested in parting with it?

hi i have a 9x12 plus coil cover.I brought that and a 5x8 when i got
my detector.if you are interested put a price on it.
I am in north island.have never used it.