Artist researching gold, need to get in contact with macetown claim owner

Hi, I’m an artist currently living in Auckland and am working on a project about gold fever/endurance, working off the land, juxtopostion against rent prices in Auckland etc etc. I have been funded by CNZ and the documentation will be shown at the physics room gallery later this year. I am currently at twelve delta mile and was going to head out to macetown this weekend until I found out that it is claimed ( I must have got my info mixed up on that, I read that macetown was public ) If any one could put me in touch with someone who owns a claim up in macetown so I can discuss? Or any suggestions of nearby remote camping/public fossicking? I will be panning only. Thank you

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Sounds like a very interesting project, if you click on Locations at top of page you will find all the public fossicking sites, Arrow river at Arrowtown being one of them. I have camped in at Macetown, you will need at least several days to visit the old stamper sites. The area is now DOC managed and open to the public to visit. Check track access before attempting to drive in, it was blocked earlier this year. Be aware if the clouds burst you will need to wait till river is safe to ford. I have a number of photo’s of the area that I’m happy to share if you are unable to get in there.


Hi, thanks for your response. I’ve got a ride up to macetown this weekend with some practised drivers so hopefully we won’t get stuck. I’m planning to go camping up at the doc campsite. If I do some low key panning around the area for research purposes I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so hoping I could get in touch with anyone that owns something out there. I’m fully packed for two weeks in the wild so not to keen on going for a plan b on a touristy campsite. Doc office hasn’t got many answers for this one.

You can find that info at top of page - permit map, the claim is held by Alpine Lakes Trust, claim no. 51719. Hope that helps.

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Thanks! I’ve got some sleuthing to do I suppose. If I can’t contact/find them in time I will just stick to arrow river

There are some nice camping spots along the Richburn near where the 4WD track drops into that river, toilet downstream a short distance.

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Thanks, I got in touch with some claim owners out there so hopefully that works out.