Hey there is someone going for a Dig in the Arrow tomorrow or around Alexandra or any time soon?..would Like to Catch Up with some good People If someone is keen let me know :)and looking for some People they would let me have a go on there claims around Alexandra for a Share of the find’s or making a Deal wich suites you!
Best Regards

Im in Roxburgh and would like to partner up with someone around here/Alexandra also or perhaps have a pan/sluice on someones claim? Happy to abide by all rules, be respectful, only leave footprints and pay a percentage if wanted.
Get hold of me Goldfox if you still around and want to go for a pan. Im a 45 year old fella btw.

Hey Mate yeah sure Sounds good to me i am always keen to Go for a hunt…lets Catch Up If you Like iam from Roxburgh as well so might would come around after Work to discuss when and where we going :slight_smile: Up to you let me know Regards Goldfox

Good stuff…my number is 0223825606 name is Chris…just give me a yell one day after work or something and we can make a plan. Ive got sluice, pan and detector(equinox) but havnt spent enough time to find anything worth mentioning…yet.