Argentine Ants - Who's Encountered the wee bast***ds?

As someone who is antophobic, a long story from my childhood, this is the stuff of nightmares.

Did a predawn hunt this morning, must’ve hit an Argentine nest first hole, 'cause within seconds I was getting pinged on the wrist, then in the glove, then up the sleeve…and when I fired up the headlamp (with the resultant blats on the forehead) my hand was smothered in the tiny orange bastards!

I knew they were in the district, but seriously thinking about carrying a can of Black Flag…or DDT. No, Flamethrower!
Been paranoid all day about bringing some back to my place (Argentine-free…so far). Used two cans of insecticide in the car at work today.

I’ve bumbled into wasp nests in the pre-dawn haze before " Hmm? Very early for blowflies…RUN!" but ants will be the only thing to force me out of the hobby (hence my preference for marine searches!)

Might go and spray the car again…


go tell doc they will drop 1080 on the nest

just get Doc to put it on there predator free list , the dreamers think its achievable