Are these of any interest?

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I suppose so if you want a white rock. id be surprised if you find gold in them

Are they unusually heavy?

Yes they are. They were uncovered during house cut. Seem to be in random spots.

Get a piece of grey quartz and crush it, pan it. You might see some gold dust. But you may need to smelt it.

Did you find it in a known gold bearing locality…if not then who knows after all gold has been found in strange places quite out of keeping with what one might expect or where one might or might not expect it.

If it did come from a well known gold mining…as in hard rock mining…then it is more than well worth a close look. If you wet it and examine it in bright sunlight and see a golden glint then that makes it even more interesting. The golden glint is most likely pyrites BUT not necessarily so.

An approach to one of the big mining companies or the Geology Department at Otago University might give you an answer. One of the large mining companies once assaulted some quartz samples for me…and yes they contained well worth while quantities of gold.

Good luck…May there be a golden golf ball inside!

The gold and silver often show up as a grey quartz, sometimes blackish coal-type of soot in crystal gaps. Sometimes you get some sparkly bits. The grey can be of higher purity sometimes once extracted.

Would a detector signal on this?Minerals to fine?

I doubt it, if it is very high purity a pointer may give a tiny signal.