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Aorere River sites

Hi everyone
Has anyone been to the Aorere River sites lately? Any tips to help a newbie, please?

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Hi, I personally have not been to Aorere river, but from what I have seen my advice is it looks like there is some exposed bedrock around there, if you can find some bedrock crevices with compact gravel in them they have likely not yet been mined and will likely contain some gold, if you just want to pan and dig outside of exposed bedrock try and go for the inside bend or a straight section of the river and ideally in front of a larger rock were the gravels in front of it are a nice mixture of diffrent sizes, but do not dig on the outside curve as there will be minimal-no gold there. Im not really that sure about the site as a whole sorry as I have yet to go there, just follow the basic rules of where to find gold and try to get in a compact gravel spot that likely has not been dug yet. Good Luck

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HI Dave, try the lower DOC site around Salisbury Falls which we ddin’t look at. My son and I worked the upper DOC area a couple weeks ago and the two creeks running into the upper Aorere DOC area and could only find fine colour on bedrock and not a lot of it. Lance