Anyone tried the Garrett ATX Extreme Pulse Induction detector?

I’m quite curious about the Garrett ATX Extreme. Has anyone had any direct experience?

Particularly curious about the “quick iron detect” feature. A few spots I’ve detected in Otago have been very trashy so gets a bit old digging up iron junk, especially when you get down river of some old frayed steel cable!

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Found a good review by the famous Steve Herschbach. Sounds quite promising for gold detecting…

He reviews the quick iron detect feature:

The new Iron Check feature on the Garrett ATX is very effective. It is biased to not give false signals on gold targets so only works on shallower and larger targets. Still, I found it very helpful in confirming that loud shallow signals were indeed the ferrous targets I thought they were. It would only take a quick dig to confirm the ferrous identity but in areas with lots of surface trash this eliminates a lot of needless digging. Just push the button, wave the coil, and the ATX gives a “goose honk” on ferrous targets. Non-ferrous items like bullets or shell casing will read good but as always they could also be nuggets and so they need to be investigated. Many iron hot rocks will also read as ferrous so an option in some areas instead of other tricks may be to use the Iron Check to confirm suspected hot rocks.

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I had one 2 seasons ago with the 8" mono coil.
Found 3 pickers on the first day but they seem to false a lot when in tight bedrock.
If you bump the coil it sounds very gold like.
Granted the pickers were all sub .5g



@Nz13 cheers for that. Must admit, false signals drive me crazy. I don’t use my 5" x 10" elliptical with my Goldbug Pro when gold detecting as every knock causes a false in all-metal mode. I stick with the small 5" as it’s doesn’t false at all with knocks.

I have a ATX extream with the standard coil and when the coil gets bumped especially when under water with the added force of haveing a coil cover on it gives false signals and gets pretty frustrating but the standard cool will pick up a .4 gram at 6 cm.

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Hay Gavin just had my first outing with my ATX yesterday but only on the beach, wish I was in the gold fields lol.
I found it easy to use for the first time but I did get alot of falseing when bumping the coil on small rocks , I counted the falseing by swinging really slow and steady.
First signal was a bottle cap that the iron reject didnt work on but im still learning. I buried the cap at about 16 to 20 inches in the sand and got a clear signal easy. I found a 1 dollar coin at 12 inches and some small aluminium around the same depth . Went home with $1.30 from a beach I normally go home with nothing.

I will be trying it out down south in the coming months using it underwater with my detectorpro waterproof headphones so will give you an update .Peace


I look forward to seeing how you get on underwater mate. You’ll be the go-to for info about gold detectors - you’ve nearly tried them all now! Bet you’re chomping at the bit to get back down here.

I’ve just traded a Garrett Pro-Pointer AT for some advertising. Looking forward to giving it a go while sniping to see how well it does. Works well coin detecting.


Yer I have had a few detectors now…Garrett ace 350,AT pro, AT gold, ATX, fisher gold bug pro and gold bug , minelab etrac ,sdc2300, Whites dual feild , TDI pro oz and counterfeit GMT. Still haven’t had any minelab gpx’s.
Favorite so far for gold would be Minelab SDC2300 followed by Fisher gold bug pro and for parks would be Garrett AT pro and Minelab etrac, so if anyone wants tips on these detectors I can help out:)


Interesting, you’re favourite two for gold are the machines I have. Looks like my research must be spot on then :wink:


Hi Gavin

I was ready to commit into purchasing a new ATX this month but was informed garrett are releasing new coils for the ATX. Apparently the position of the coils mounting lugs have been reworked, also confirmed the known issue of the coil falsing with every bump has been improved and lastly the new coil boasts better depth.

The coils will be available to existing ATX owners, and will also be coming out standard with a new purchase. It’s it’s for that reason I am holding back until they are launched. I am not sure when NZ or Auzzie will recieve new stock as I am sure they would want to clear old stock first.

I emailed Garrett USA last week requesting availablility information and I got a reply saying it should be available in 60 days time, so I’m defenately holding back for that, for those of you interested in a ATX but not too fussed on the new coil, I’m sure you could negotiate a better beal with your local distributor now that current stock would almost be “old” coil technology

Confirmation from Garrett regarding new ATX coils… Read page 2 last paragraph


Cheers for the news @qgstrydom - I’ll be keeping my eyes out for reviews to see what people think of the new coils. Sounds promising!


Thanks for the info re the coil… am all so looking at this PI detector.


Garrett rules ok.



I have lost my free-time for detecting now so will be selling my ATX when I get a chance to take some photos and put it on trade me.
I have just been down south and didn’t even get a chance to put batteries in it lol.
If anyone is interested pm me and save $150 in trade me fees cheers.

Not worth trying out it’s waterproof-ness while dredging? Might let you know if there’s a nugget just a bit further in the gravel face before you stop dredging for the mission?

Yer that would be handy but so would some money for other projects… I still have my trusty gold bug for south and minelab etrac for north.

The authenticity of the Garrett you are buying can be checked out.