Anyone tried Kevlar gloves?

I’m curious to know how they perform against the standard Duct tape gloves?

still wear through… regular coatings of sikaflex in high wear areas helps


still got mine in the shed with holes in the fingers. just not worth the money. I use $12 gardening gloves they last about 3 to 4 days with heavy usage. then the same again with tape round the fingers


Yep, same experience here… still get holes so I also opt for cheaper gardening gloves that get chewed through every few days.


the orange keene gloves are good they last a good few weeks+ a mate of mine had a pare that lasted a whole season but he has a 8 inch dredge so dosnt have to manually move many rocks :slight_smile:

Good to know that. Thanks for the tips also.

All divers gloves are crap for gold mining, I use the orange cray fibhing gloves, sometimes with a liner if its cold, no holes after one season


He meant “fishing”.
They do look durable.

blue showa gloves from wrightsons or a rural service centre are good. crevicing /sniping u will get 1 day out of a pair of dive gloves verses 6 days for showa brand. also they are compatible with a dry glove system for drysuits which a lot of people dont like but i could spend the day in 5 degrees C and be toasty warm.

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