Anyone know of two types of gold hog mats that work well in a small highbanker?

Does anyone know of a good combination of gold hog mats if you had to use two types in a small highbanker for flakey gold? Cheers.

I’ve no experience with these.

This one looks pretty cool:

Hopefully some more experience people have tested some of these out.

I’ve not seen this wormy one before, looks interesting, but would probably collect a heap of twigs and things:

I have 3 different types of matting in my sluice . all work fine got my hog matting from Daniel gerber . personally I don’t like the miners moss very hard to get gold out of . one of the best is from para rubber call classic car running board mat great for fine gold


might have a look into that kiwikeith! cheers

do thay all seal it:slight_smile: