Anyone in Nelson keen for a hunt?


I’m currently staying in Nelson City and would like to take my detector out for a hunt sometime. Is there anyone in the area who’s keen? :slight_smile:

Went to an old swimming hole the other day and found a few old coins in the water with my Deus. Nothing special I guess, but kind of cool when you’re used to only dig Swedish coins… :smile:

HH, Elias


Only 2 years off a silver coin with that halfcrown Golden boy. Where ever you found that coin is worth another hunt.

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Yeah, will go back there for sure :slight_smile: Can’t wait until I find my first silver coin :heart_eyes:

Just found your blog, nice reading for sure!


Hey I am in Picton area, if you were planning on being around here you are welcome to join me in a hunt, have a beach in mind for next weekend that I can access by my boat.

Alot of the guys are at The Rotorua Seeded Hunt this weekend.
If your on Facebook this is a good place for meeting the local guys for a hunt

i travel a lot for my job so met a few of the guys around the country that way.


If you have travelled all the way from Sweden then I can certainly help you out.
I’m in the area tomorrow. Give me a ring on 021 421281 to arrange if it suits.

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Oh, that’s really nice of you! Don’t have any plans for Picton at the moment, but if I go there someday I’ll tell you for sure :slight_smile:


How long are you here. I’m back in Nelson tonight. I’d be keen to meet up. I too drive a Deus. Clancy