Anyone found gold with mine lab go find 44

Hey just wondering if anyone has used a go find 44 from mine lab and had any luck

I’d say it’s possible because it detects metal, but in all honesty highly unlikely because it may operate more towards relic hunting frequencies and wouldn’t be suited for mineralized ground.
There’s guys out there with $5000+ machines that still haven’t found gold It’s luck of the draw half the time.

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Hi I am no metal detector expert but I have a Go Find 44 that I got for a bit of Beach detecting and it wont detect gold nuggets under a gram so I got a GM 1000 for Gold and it works great on small gold for a cheap (ish) detector.

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The GM 1000, Gold Monster, is a weapon on small/tiny shallow gold. There is no reason why the Go Find 44 shouldn’t find gold jewellery. It would be far better at that than natural gold nuggets.

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