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Anyone else swinging coils in the far north?

Kia ora just wondering if anyone else swings a coil in the far north…kaitaia ahipara areas?? I’ve been trying to make my Mrs come but she don’t like digging up nails pull tabs cans sinkers and fishhooks lol…(I wouldint no why she wouldint find that as exhilarating as I do ??)…
I been walking the beaches parks and any were I can and havnt seen any body and going on the amount of rubbish that I’m digging these places seem to be virgin grounds…

Be good to find people that enjoy the fitness as much as me…lol…

Good luck and happy hunting


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I get up there for work every so often I will flick you a Message next time I am up there.

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Hi I’m at tutukaka not sure what detector your using but I grabbed coins rings and rubbish then learned from the tones it’s all trial an error pretty new myself

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Yeah I got a cheap one cple hundred bux but will be upgrading in the very near future I’m only new to hunting and new to the area as well I been reading these forums and picked up some awesome tips and tricks…if you ever hunting up this way and want some one to walk with flick me a message …good luck and happy hunting

Awesome I look forward to it mate hopefully I’ve managed to upgrade by then…if not I’m still out cleaning up our country one beep at a time…lol

Good luck and happy hunting

I hunt the east coast up that way fairly often, but visits are based on the wind, swells and tides, so can be 2am or in the middle of a cyclone… I’ll ping you a message next time I’m heading up.

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Sounds awesome i havent tried out east yet

Short notice, but doing a trip up to Coopers - Taipa - Tokerau tomorrow morning. Wet 'n windy - Just the way I like it!
Will be hanging around most of the morning sniffing for silver if you’re up for it, happy to give you some pointers for each spot (Plenty of dirt for everyone).

I’ll be in action from 5am onwards if you’re keen, probably heading back early afternoon.

Looks like I will be up north for work Tuesday next week at maungamuka bridge area and maybe another one at Russell on the Wednesday. Anyone keen on a meet up for a hunt Tuesday night paihia/opua/anywhere? Subject to change as customer hasn’t coughed up a deposit yet…