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Anyone else had a 'close encounter'?

I’m used to having creepy guys watching me, but this caught me off guard, out in the middle of nowhere when this turns up and follows me around for about 10 minutes!!!

Should start looking on YouTube for “Crazy Woman Freaks When I Follow Her Detecting”

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Think I would have been tempted to throw rocks at it.

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I threw a finger a couple of times…

Shit its a duck - shoot it! The owner cannot have been far away and obviously within visual distance to control it if it was actually following you. If it was on a GPS course out of the owners line of sight of you and it then it would not follow you. So some smart arse was stalking you! Next time follow it - the batteries cannot last more than half hour and it will have an average of 1k range depending on type. It has a camera so was taking a vid of you and its owner was probably watching you on an Ipad or similar.
If it was following me on my own property then it would have been shot down - no second thoughts about that…invasion of privacy.

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Lol…it’s Jackie Adams sniffing around to make sure your annual return is correct!!

Hit it with a shotgun - that be funny.


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