Anyone around Mosgiel?

Got my hands on a 1922 Topo if you’d like any areas in particular. Here’s a teaser of an old racecourse (which you’d probably know about anyway)


All of that old racecourse has been built over. Not so long ago either. I never knew that there had been a race course there…bother!

I’m from Mosgiel.
A few possibilities -
Outram Glen
Around Wingatui Railway Station
Waihola Domain
the park next to the Post Office
banks of the silver stream

I did Outram Glen over in the 1980s - very little there and nothing down on the gravel bars of the river which change yearly due to floods. I also did Woodside over and that was as bare as a could possibly be except for junk. I got very little money there. I think the best thing I got there were junk ear rings.
One of the great money spinners was Whare Flat - now that was a great place to go and I got a large amount of money there in the first half of the 1980s but trips back there in the last ten years have been fruitless.

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Very interesting we have permission on the old outram Glen which has given up some really good stuf the trouble is everything is so deep it’s hard to find but if you go slow it’s there for sure!

Hi mudwiggle any chance we could see more of the map or the hole thing?

I dont know where you mean the old Outram Glen but I am referring to the Outram Glen as it is today plus the track to Lee Stream.

Here is a picimage

That must be the small creek that flows in at Outram Glen - many years ago, upwards of eighty or so, a fellow I knew once found a match tin on top of a fence post away up that gully and it had two fairly large gold nuggets in. Where they came from and who put them there and lost them has never been known…there is fine gold at Outram Glen though I had never looked for it.
The old timers knew a lot of secrets and most of them are long forgotten. In a cutting above the West Taieri cemetry there was a gold reef - I had looked for it in the past but never found it. Several oldies told me that. Gold could also be found in the stream known as Harveys Stream in the first hollow beside the road after you have crossed the first rise beyond the West Taieri Cenetery. Some of the nuggets here were described as ‘match head size’ - this is also the creek that flows in at outram Glen so one might suppose that the nuggets in the match tin came from harveys Stream.

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Again very interesting lammerlaw! Yes this is that stream and paddock I was told people camped there on the way to the goldfields but have not found any evidence of this yet. That photo was taken in 1908

Apparently recently a reclusive guy was camping there - or close by - secretly. He used to be employeed by me when I co managed a charitable trust and he was an incorrigible drinker and smoker…used to bike into Mosgiel.

Sutton/Matarae teaser

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Yes I knew about there and also a little secret as to what is there or very close to there but never checked up.

Where can that map be accessed? There is something I wanted to go looking for up there. A friend of mine found a shell casing some years ago but forgot to bring it back for me and I had intended going looking for it as well as to look for other relics of their artillery practice.