Any surveyors in here?

I’m on a manhunt and this individual jigsaw piece is one that consistently eludes me (Lost count of the hours in PapersPast!)

So hoping a surveyor has access to historical titles? Must be a database of some sort?
Have all the title blurb for the property , but LINZ only does current data (as far as I can see)
I’m looking to find out if my Mr. X owned the block in a particular year… around 1900


how can I help :slight_smile:

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If you read this it might help but I think that like everything else in Gods Farsaken Country you might need to pay a fee unless someone can do it on the side for you.

The fee probably helps pay the long since paid debt to the bankers who think they own this country! As a New Zealander I think that the information should be online and freely available but no it isnt.

Yeah, side is good…

Hopefully Mr. Eel can answer my query