Any proline or keene 5"in otago

gidday does anyone around otago have a 5" proline ( preferably) or 5"keene i could come and have a good look at and take some photos and measurements of?
closer to alexandra the better.
cheers cam

Cam ill have a Proline 5 up your way soon.
If your thinking of getting a 5 Keene do yourself a favor and get the 6 instead. They are the same dredge apart from the flare, powerjet and hose obviously.
The 6 will shit over the 5 in terms of how much more it can move plus they are essentially the same weight.

As for the Proline once you go there you wont go back. Virtually no blocking and the recovery on them is better than what people think. Rodger has one of them and they worked real well on his claim plus did I mention they have some serious suck on them!

proline certainly are a very well made strong dredge with incredible suction , and mine recovers very fine gold , think guys that say the fine gold recovery is no good need to knock the revs back a bit, also you really do need wash mats out at least twice a day

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Yep. Proline is the best. Unless it’s a waterfall I just leave mine together and float it down the river. Been doing that for 7 years and no damage. I never worry about losing gold. Just don’t rev the shit out of it and 80% is in the first 100mm of matting and She sucks like a $12,000 hooker should. I would never buy a Keene. Used lots. All junk as the frame warps in a few months, endless block ups, and cheaply built. Upside to keene is that for some reason, everyone stocks their parts. Proline can take months to send parts. In 7 years i have only replaced the flair due to wearing($175us) and a foot valve lost in a flood. New suction hose next year. Well worth the money if you ask me.


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Hi Goldstamp how do you find the hose on your proline . Have you worn it through yet and needed to replace?
Is yours the twin engine setup? Have you done any mods to it?

The reason i ask is i have a engineer mate who owes me some dollars so i was going to get him to build me a dredge. And i figure why reinvent the wheel. Either manufacturer has already done the hard work. And i can tweak it a little to suit my wants
I already have a gx270/hp500 to run it as we are only allowed up to 9hp Will try to source a proline power jet and either their flare or a keene one.

I haven’t done any mods on mine and it’s the twin 6.5hp. And with the hose. If you keep it stored out of the sun it will last a while. Mine is 9 years old and just now needs to be replaced. The dredge has done just over 1000 hours.

Send me a pm as I may have a old used flair you could buy for cheap and try to copy. Its my back up so i would buy it back off you. Just never had any luck lending things and getting then back.

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