Any places around the coromandel to have a pan?

Im just new to this but anyone know of any good rivers etc to pan in?

Hi Chopper,
I have had the same enquiry and have had some interesting day trips into Broken Hill, Maratoto and Tararu Creek (Victoria Street).
I suggest you search the old forum archive looking for those names, or research some of the history of the Hauraki Gold Field. There is alot of info online and some very detailed books including maps of the various claims.
Bear in mind there are no public fossicking areas in the Coromandel (although several shops sell panning equipment), and some locals are very anti-mining.

ah thanks for the info mate! i will look into it a bit more and see how i get on cheers! and yes will have to watch out for locals

You could try the stream below the Irishtown Bridge where Karaka road branches off. Its just above the hospital in Thames.
The maoris originally found a few specks there back in the day that began the coromandel gold rush. You might get a few more specks these days.
You could also try Victoria St which becomes a metal road that follows the river. There is a good spot just after the flood crossing with a tight bend.
Its in Tararu which is a short walk north of Thames.
I never had any trouble with the local hippies, in fact had a guy try to give me some quartz rocks once.
Good luck. Hopefully I’ll see you around those parts.

Up Thames way on Monday with my son,got some nice gold
but small.It all adds up.All so got a gram of mercury full of gold,
a good day.

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try reading “the nz mining handbook” by nz mines dept a lot of imfo on all the creeks etc in the area
a must to read

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Thanks Keith will get on that in the morning.
The river was still very high and dirty.