Any other AT Pro users out there?

Searched the forums and there only seems to be about 8 or so people mentioning them. Would’ve thought there would be more out there - or have they been banished to cupboards and sheds for more glamorous machines?

Mine doesn’t quite live in the cupboard, although I should get it dirty more often. Still my second favourite machine, and normally use it for coin-shooting $1,$2 or if I’m doing streams or a dirt hunt in the rain.

There are a fair few users I think, but suspect they didn’t all come over when the board migrated from the old site.

Nice silvers in your avatar, by the way :+1:

I have an AT-Gold, essentially the same as an AT-Pro, it’s boxed up … it’s been replaced by a minelab sdc, the Garrett doesn’t perform as well as the fisher gold bugs when searching for nuggets, It is really only an affordable mid level relic machine with some clever marketing.