Any interest in an SD2100?

Ver2 circa '96 (I think) circuitboard has the white paint
7.2v Reids “Pocket Rocket” LiOn pack w/charger
2x 11" coils with no wear to skidplates (GP Extreme 1100 and Coiltek 275mm DD Pro)
Coil and power cable sheaths in good nick, still supple.
External Coiltek speaker accessory
…and original tutorial cassette!
Also 6v SLA charger for mains and car (I don’t have the SLA pack though)

No idea of value

If no-one chasing one, I’ll mothball it for posterity with my Garrett XS500

Interested yes, would love to add a pulse induction device, but i am clueless as to what its worth. Additionally, I have very limited internet at the moment, so um…
Not sure what sum i should offer.

Cheers bud,

Have decided to hang onto it, as a second/different PI.
Was just seeing if any of the goldenboys were interested as I know these were the dogs back in the day.

Better machines out there today, for sure, but some of us still love to drive the detecting equivalent of Mini 850’s