Any Interest in a 5” dredge

Gauging interest in my 5” custom built unit.
At this stage will not come with motors/pumps

Triple sluice like the keene system with dream mat in the head and under stage. And heavy raised expanded mesh in the top under 12mm woven mesh

Also there is potential i could part out the flare jet and hose units.

Looking at upgrading to a 6” weather i change parts out on my current one or go for a new one im easy.

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Hi whatcdo you want for the pontoons sluice and frame .what area ?

Gidday flicked you a message. And based in Alexandra

Hey mate. Looks nice dredge
Why is that powerjet so long. You will be losing a ton of efficiency with that setup. Is it adjustable?
Also the powerjet setup is sucking up alot of air and your box is full of air bubbles and youll loose gold.
How heavy is that dredge with it being stainless? Are there breather holes in the pontoons?
Do you have photos of the sluice you can post?
Sorry for all the questions

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Old photo of the 1st run with it. It wasn’t sucking air it was being created by the jets not being fitted smoothly into the tube. Spent a few hours with a file and smoothed them out see the new photo for what it is like now. Running with both engines a bit over 3/4 throttle
Jet/flare length is 250-300mm longer than a proline. Only way to adjust is to cut it down.
Jet is stainless and heavy. Flare is 4-5mm ali and just heavy enough but will last a long time. Floats are 2-3mm ali and have drain bungs.
Frame is stainless.
I can pick the frame/float assembly up and carry it just. Im not the strongest by any means and it it more awkward than anything. Probably similar in weight to the proline 5” but lighter than the 6”
Box sits on height adjustable runners. With the front being able to be moved forward or rearward to fine tune.
8mm woven mesh in the head of the box to feed the under sluice. And 12mm over the back half.
The gold in the right hand vile is flat flakey stuff that all fits through a mini kitchen sieve which is around the 600-212micron looking at compared to the sieves i use at work.
The stuff in the middle all fits through a 1.5mm and is mostly flat particles.
I don’t need to sell the dredge as it works brilliantly just want to go a bit larger to deal with the amount of overburden we have and make up for the lack of time i have.