Any help identifying th found in Hokitika

found this

on the west coast of nz near Hokitika any ideas? Is

It’s pounamu…has come from olderog creek in the arahura. Worth 50$ or thereabouts. Nice find

Gosh…Pounamu/Greenstone…I would never have thought that. I was leaning towards obsidian. :grinning:

JW :slight_smile:

I’m always open to buying any greenstone people find as I do a little carving…just pm me for a chat

Thanks, I presumed so just never found one this bright before. This one puzzles me abit tho

It’s a bad pictures but it is covered in hexagons inside and on the back

this is the back of the first piece

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It’s a great find. Well done…

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pounamu and worth more than 50 id say.

Could be Jadite which is worth more than greenstone (because its rarer). Either way, get more than $50 for it!

could be bowenite, still part of the pounamu family

as a licensed pounamu artisan of ngai tahu I can confirm it is nephrite…either Arahura or casade river origin based on the high chromium . definately not jadite or bowneite.

As for value, $50 would be in the realm of fair. You could get $100 potentially.

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