Any gold mining history up the Copland River?

I’m heading up to Welcome Flat Hut and wonder if it’s worth carting my detector in for a wee swing. Can’t find any history of gold mining up that river, but maybe someone else knows a bit of info?

I did ask 7 years ago for a trip that never happened, but no-one managed to supply any solid info at that time - Copland Track - worth taking the detector? - Locations - Old Forum Archive - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking

Thanks in advance for any info! :wink:

Having been up past Douglas rock hut. I would say leave it at home. The river is pretty steep sided and you have to walk about 2 hours before the trail follows the river where you can get close without a bush bash to a cliff. My guess is the car park area would be worth a look but it’s pretty deep gravels without a hike in the wrong direction to find bed rock. Someone else might know a bit more about the gold possibilities, but I think your already getting to the east side of the fault.

The car park is usually safe if you don’t take it all the way. Or at least I have never had a problem.

Cheers for that, much appreciated. May just wander in with a lighter pack and enjoy the hot pools then :slight_smile:

I must admit I was looking at any photos I could find online and noticed I was only seeing a rocky river, no snaps of bedrock anywhere.