Any Detectorists in Nelson area?


Im new to detecting, i have a X- terra 705 gold pack, ive dug up a few spendies and lots of other not so valuable aliminuim type pieces, Yes pull tabs, while getting use to the detector ive been digging all targets to get an understanding about the discrimination, just wondering if there is any others in the area that might be interested in meeting up ?


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Hi Peter,

There are quite a few detectorists in the Nelson ares.
Here is one group: Redirecting...


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Hi Pete, Colin’s my name. I’ve been detecting for around 30 years now, only seriously for the last 3 years. I’ve just bought a CTX3030, nothing like the Garrett’s I’m use to so I’m still at the testing stage for this machine, if only the weather was a little more accommodating I’d be into it by now. I don’t have a Facebook account in order to find other detectors in the area, so keen to meet up with someone else for a session. Usually free on Sundays 0221321959.

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Hi Colin
Thanks for your number i shall get in touch with you, i am free most days as i work 5 weeks away then have 5 weeks off so i get plenty of time to get out exploring, i am heading down the coast next weekend so il do some swinging while im down there, id been keen to meet up the following sunday if the weather clears, my number is 0273121622 it would be great to get out with someone else it sounds like you have alot of experience.

Can I join in too?. I’m new to this and have a Garrett AT Pro. I’d love to met others in Nelson to go detectoring with. MY cell is 021 1843 650.

Good on you Clancy, I haven’t had a chance to meet up with Peter yet but will be making a conservative effort these holidays to get out there with him. I have been looking into a couple of areas that I know will be interesting as I don’t think anyone else has detected there, also I’m getting a permission for a local farmers field that has historical value. I’ll keep your number handy and call you as soon as I get the go ahead. Cheers.

Thank you… I’m retired so anytime for me.

Hi guys
I’m currently at sea until the end of January then il have 6 weeks off so il make contact with you’s when I’m home and we can make a plan to hunt some ground, reception is very limited out here so it may be a few weeks again before I get to check emails, good luck hunting and lokkkinh forward to getting out with you’s.

I’m interested Pete, I’m new to it also, I have a Garrett AT PRO, i’m retired so keen most times to go out. My cell is 0211843650. We don’t have the best reception out here in Atawhai so a text might be best. Or the landline 5451354.
Regards Clancy