Any Christchurch Detectoroists keen for a hunt?

Currently in Christchurch for the week and am up for a hunt or two if anyone else wants in. Would be most likely detecting round Hagley or a similar park unless anyone wants to throw out a better spot to hit but am keen to meet up with anyone. Cheers

Hey good luck there. Look forward to seeing some of your finds.


Had my first little hunt at Hagley and was a bit disheartening and disappointing to see unfilled holes all over the place. Luckily still managed to pick up a few leftovers.

1945 Sixpence
2 junker rings
2 nice old lipstick cases
And a few spendies


Oh hello there, Im David, text me on 027 482 6234 then come around and say hello sometime, Im kinda a mad backyard scientist, and fascinated by all aspects of metal detecting.

Nice one Dave, show us some of your madness.



Hey Dave,
Good to hear from you and I’ll be sure to flick you a text the next time I’m in Christchurch as I left a few days ago. Will hopefully be back sometime in the next month or two so look forward to meeting you then! Cheers

Here is a mystery ?coin from the backyard a week ago. It is ferrous.
I have 2 cheap chinese detectors and two chinese pinpointers

Not too big a mystery Moth. It be a George V Penny. (1911 - 1936).


Yes, further investigation has revealed that it is a George V half penny that was once in some sort of steel container that has rusted onto its surface.This explains why it showed up as a ferrous target and was separated out of the soil around it magnetically, although is made of copper or bronze.

So here it is after cleaning in hot cooking oil, drastic but revealing. The vast majority of the iron oxide and copper oxides are gone, inscriptions now legible but corrosion damage and scratching damage have resulted. No, i would not do this to a coin that might have any historic or collector value, but i can now read the date, its a 1912 hal’peny bit. Does anyone know how to spell the word pronounced as hape-knee ?

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Ha Ha, I never could understand that pre decimal lingo.