Any ChCh Detectors Around?

As absolute newbies about to buy our first detector, can anyone tell me where we can’t dig? Are public parks okay or are there restrictions? I mean, Hagley park would be off limits I’d imagine, but I saw a video of a guy digging around in Thompson park, Brighton so I guess thats okay? We have no idea whats off limits so any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

The word ‘DIG’ made me think of Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel…it brings on the erroneous (I hope) assumption that you are going to dig holes. Do you think that maybe you should rephrase the word to ‘detect’ - to use the word ‘dig’ is to infer that we metal detectorists dig up places and casts an indictment against our hobby.
I detect for coins and when I find a ‘treasure’ I carefully remove it from the ground and fill the hole carefully so that no one notices my passing. Yes sure we dig but using the word ‘dig’ to some people gives an opener to make disparaging comments about our hobby.
Actually from what I have read and seen detectorists go to parks and camp grounds, A & P show grounds and race courses, to school yards and parks and as long as they do not leave nasty signs of their hobby no one seems to mind.
The only place out of bounds as far as I know are DoC reserves and things and I think that often as not is because DoC is mostly staffed by highly qualified text book expert no nothings with Gestapo like attitudes and a desire to bully others!

Haha…Fair enough. Can anyone tell me where I may not ‘detect’ please??

Millie the Bruce - Any relation to Robert? I dont know if I am out of order here - if I am then that happens all the time - I think you can detect any where more or less until someone tells you otherwise…usually they are up their arse, know all, wanna throw their weight about arseholes who take enjoyment out of being obnoxious.
HOWEVER if in doubt then to ask is to cover your yourself - eg school principal, park caretaker, racecourse caretaker etc. If you do that then there is no doubt as to whether you can or cannot. My two greatest coinhoards at the old A & P show grounds in Timaru and the Waimate Racecourse were as the result of seeking permission first.
Of course if you are in a park or somewhere and some sanctimonious scumsucker comes and throws a hissy fit then you have two options - throw one back if you are in the right (my technique - I AM an arsehole sometimes) - if you have the aggressiveness to do it then usually they are taken aback and find they have met their match they cannot handle it and never annoy anyone else again! OR tell them that you lost your engagement or wedding ring and it is very sentimental, develop crocodile tears and make the bastards feel guilty for harassing you!

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Many people still detect Hagley. Bit hypocrytical since it is allegedly Historic - you shouldn’t be digging anything that has been in use for over 100 years!
Use the slit cut method - and you’ll be okay:

Detectorists that make massive plugs & don’t fill their holes are the problem.
I use a spade - but don’t let any of the general public see you around with one - they just jump to wild conclusions and lose their mind - you know how people are.

Be friendly, show anyone that enquires all the junk that you have clean out of the ground & most people are alright.

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Good advice, thanks so much. I think I’ll avoid Hagley, plenty of other not so conspicuous places to go.

Bruce the border collie, Millie the late foxie. Bruce will love the future beach trips.

Thank you lammerlaw. I’ll have to opt for the latter as too old to run in case I get chased… lol

Hagly park has been hammered over the years,but of course you would still find the odd bit of treasure.some of the council staff aren’t happy with it though.i can see why a couple of years back i wandered into the nice garden area behind the nurses hostel ,to have a detect and found the beautiful grassed area covered in holes ,no attempt had been made to clean up .a friggen mess left by some arseh,they are the people who stuff it for everyone else.the beach along the foreshore is always agood place to start ,fun and easy digging…good luck

Yep its always the lazy ones that ruin it for everyone. Same with slack dog walkers leaving dog poo. Thanks for advice regarding Hagley. I wonder what old cemeteries are like for detecting?

I’ve been detecting ol mother Hagley for years and have never had a problem, Just don’t draw to much attention too yourself, use common sense and you’ll be fine. Just remember the gardens and Christs Collage sports ground are off limits.

I personally like permission sites, so much more enjoyable not worrying about people freaking out.

Good luck.

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Well if you want somebody to go out detecting with… im kinda available, given a day or twos notice. I have two detectors and two pinpointers etc.
But when it comes to finding places to detect… all my best finds have been on my own residential section. I have been detecting it for years and it still surprises me regularly.

Yup chch so anything over 100 years is a no no if i understand it right?
Or only if it has been marked as historical site?
Pretty cool how much you can find online about all sorts of history around canterbury so manny places to go wish i had a 3 day off weekend

Speaking of Hagley…A fellow detectorist friend and I met up there yesty on Riccarton Rd side near river. Huge area but obviously been well and truely gone over as nothing much to speak of found. Just arrived there when Shaun ( sorry if got sp wrong) turned up so it was good to meet another fellow enthusiast who was really helpful with tips. Anyway, the ground we worked was full of cast-off drink cans and sad to see someone had detected before us and left their trash right where they found it, on the surface, and it had definitely been detected as covered in dirt. I picked up most I came across to dispose of but couldnt carry it all. Im new at this hobby and not lecturing but surely not a good look to leave trash behind.

I found two great booklets in the op shop…‘Picnic Areas In Canterbury’ printed 1982 and 'Canterbury Walks’1993. Both really helpful although some places mentioned gone now due to quakes and development