Another mixed bunch from a few months ago

Spent a couple of hours giving another new patch a bit of an explore.
Was really pleased with the little toy cannon and will spend a bit of time trying to clean it up over the Xmas period. Not too sure exactly what sort of metal it is - probably crap of some sort - so any advice on what to do with it would be appreciated.
The toy cars will go into the box for now but will eventually end up going with some of the local kids.
The watch was a bit past it but the 925 ring was a bonus.
As usual the penny’s and half penny’s are pretty rough but a couple of early Australian ones.


Dig that cannon. I would just leave it as is.


Yeah pretty much what I decided in the end.
I gave the cars a good clean up and they came out ok but just gave the cannon a real light brush with a bit of soapy water to take some of the loose dirt off. Looks a bit better but still has that nice aged look about it.