Another gold Adventure!

Check out another trip down to Reefton with 5 days of rain!!


Awesome mate! :cowboy_hat_face: Can’t wait until I get there :nerd_face:

Does get a bit moist there. All I found in that river was an old dinner knife. A few wasp nests. I did find a bit of colour. Enjoyed

wrong place wrong time maybe. I was there recently only with a pan and did ok. not close to a gram but still not bad for the time and effort I put in. agree with the wasps though. they were a dam nuisance

Yes wasps where real bad this time of year,got stung in the throat on my quad on the way in .
Was sitting up against a bank (doing number two’s) when I noticed a huge wasp nest right next to my arse,quietly tried to shuffle away with pants around ankles when I got nailed in the side of the face so broke formation and high tailed it into the creek …another set of dry clothes wet…shit!


Oh Mal, thats a hard case story, the things we do for a bit of that shiny yellow stuff, I don’t think it is ever won easily. :sweat_smile:

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It was over that way many moons ago that I was fossicking in one of hte rivers and in the bank right beside me I noticed a wasp nest so Mr Wiseguy decided to settle their hash by closing the door - inother words slamming a rock into the hole to the nest.
Now to a moron thats a bloody marvellous idea because they dont take into acccount the fact that half wasps int he nest are out and about doing what ever wasps do so that before too long theres hoards of the litttle yellow and black mongrels hovering around outside the nest and they caused me to beat a hasty retreat.
I had to wait until dark to retrieve my gold mining gear…and even then the rock in the hole scheme didnt seem to be a good idea as they worked their way around the rock in very little time.
I can also assure you all that shoving the muzzle of a pump action .22 cal Winchester rifle into the hole to kill, poison and stun wasps into submission is also not a very good idea.


I had a similar thought the other day about using my .45-70 to exterminate a wasp nest after being stung, however I was too busy retreating in the opposite direction.

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hi digahole …im pleased someone else plays with a 45/70. took mine for a walk today, saved myself lots of money as I didn’t fire a shot. didn’t even get a stag to talk back to me. I went down the glasseye down from the road spent most of my time trying to get through wind fall. I have been told there was good gold down there perhaps I should either hunt or gold mine. both in this case was unsuccessful.

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Gold and guns go together like cheese and crackers in my book, the .45-70 always puts a smile on my dial. The trouble is carrying both the detector and associated tools and the hunting gear.

Black powder can be used to decimate wasps by aiming right into the cetred of them as they attack in Kamikazi formation - this is evident by the sparks, cinders, hell, fire and brimstone that comes out the end when you fire off a .50-70.
This particular heater - my 1863 Sharps (original) can also chamber .50-90 which takes even more powder and was known as the big fifty.
Can also be used to provide a smoke screen, set off forest fires, light the camp fire and put the iron horse out of its misery when your trying to cross a creek and get stuck!


:grin::gun::gun::gun::gun::hugs::hugs: looks like fun.

well one roar I set up camp to find a wasp nest under the corner of my tarp, hmm I thought , I know ill use the can of CRC as a flame thrower, so I shook the shit out of it, lit it and pointed it down the hole, huge mistake I spent the next 10 days getting the crap stung outa me by wing less wasps, that made a new home in my sleeping bag , pack , foodbox and everywhere else they could crawl to