Another day at the beach

gday everyone seems very quite over there is no one detecting anymore,been sanded in here had to resort to sniping one and 2 dollar coins in the parks,thats one thing the ctx is the best at,finally got back on the beach in a good spot came up with two 9ct sinet rings not sure weather one had something stuck in the front of it ,also scored a birmingham hallmarked bangle [ cant makeout the other marks] its interesting because its very heavy does not test silver and its very hard metal.thought it may be plat; but my 18ct acid destroys it,also the old pendant i seem to know that character from somewhere maybe keystone cops,reminds me of a silent movie sketch,it was so bad encrusted i had to use electrolisis whitch i hate.get finding stuff cheers.


Good score Roy I’ve been detecting but nothing worth posting a few coins and plenty of scrap still ya got to try

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Love the copper medalion thing.
Platinum should only be attacked by Aqua Regia, but Palladium will be attacked by other acids.
Gold & Plat similar density 13gcm, Silver 9.5gcm, Palladium 12gcm.

hi gold pandemic dont know what aqua regia is ive seen kits with a plat tester in them in them but i thought the same acid for gold would work. can palladium be tested with what ever acid they use for gold /this bangle is something nice never thought of palladium.cheers.

Aqua Regia is a mixture of hydrochloric acid and Nitic Acid.
Palladium is susceptable to Hydrochloric, Nitric, and Sulphuric. (And obviously a mixture.)
Silver is only suscetable to Nitric Acid - it may be attacked by Aqua Regia because it is a mix of Nitric Acid.
Gold and Platinum are only susceptable to Aqua Regia.

I’ll make that a bit clearer, if it is suscetable to sulphuric acid its Palladium, if its suscetable to nitric acid its silver.
Otherwise you have Platinum.
Though you can get some Iridium, Osmium, Ruthenium coated silver.
But testing those is not worthwhile, just know that you have platinum or better. They’re all roughly about the same value.

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The medallion is early, and is a lucky chimney sweep charm given to a bride on her wedding day (Supposed to be good luck to see a Sweep on the way to the wedding)

As for the cartoon character resemblance, you’re probably thinking of Barney Google…

The bangle isn’t Pt - would scratch easily if it was. I thought maybe a Tungsten alloy which would explain the acid biting it. Aqua Regia, KNO3, KNO2 and KClO3 all attack tungsten to varying degrees.