Another Day Another Park Another Find

2 hrs and I found these three; Bank of Korea 1979 10 Won brass coil, New Zealand tile (glass on metal). Both sides similar and hole through edgewise. Anyone know what this came off?. The other small round thing is probably a brass bush. Have seen them but forgotten what they are used for.

Also found small toy car and several bottle tops :grin:


Can i see the round thing sideways?

Here it is;

Hmmm, might be some sort of bearing for a rotating part that fits into the conical depression? If the hole went right thru i would sugest that it was a nozzle of some description.

Looks like there was a shaft or something through the hole because it’s worn out unevenly. Since it’s brass could be from a lock. Doesn’t look like high speed rotating shaft was in there.

Yes that makes sense now, it was a brass or bronze bearing for a steel shaft that was loaded sideways. And it wore out and was possibly replaced because of the wear.

Thinking more along the lines of a rope/cord passing through it due to the heavily shaped concave ends. Shaft bushes are generally square ended.
Could even be from a cord pull start on a mower…

Yeah, that makes sense. There are many systems out there where a rope is on a recoil. Maybe too small for mower or petrol engine but could be for a retractable cable of some sort.

Oh ok, i didnt realize hole went thru it.