An old light maybe?

This was in my garage when I bought my house, I know it’s an automotive light of some sort, my old boss had a 30s chev with something similar on top that apparently lit up when towing a caravan/trailer, but also looks like something off of an old motorbike… So just seeing if anyone out there knows? Cheers.

Ha, sorry a picture would help…

Too early much before my time. :grinning: But I think you are correct, they were fitted above and centre of the windscreen. and indicated that the vehicle was towing when the light was on.

Hey, yes that’s where it was on the old chev, but they do look similar to the motorbike lights the American picker’s find… Ha

Yes a Towing light. They were blue lights from memory.


Cheers, so what was the point of them to an oncoming car?

I remember them back in the fifties. They were not common. I think I may have seen one or two on trucks as well.

Great, cheers for the info, still uncertain what the purpose of them though.

I think it probably indicated an approaching articulated vehicle.


a bit like wide load signs on trucks. by the time you are close enough to read them its pretty obvious they are wide loads.

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Ah right, makes since. Thanks!

my old man had one on his car. he dosnt use it anymore in fact he dosnt drive either …oh that’s right he died a few years back

Oh dear, well I really hope he doesn’t need it now… Otherwise you’ve got problems…