An Actual Pot of Gold Coins Has Just Been Found Under an Italian Theatre


Imagine finding a coin that mint - well I guess gold holds up well, but ones that are unscuffed are rare.

Marvellous find…I wouldn’t be telling anyone though…mum’s the word…English is such a confusing language…they were hidden in a pot…if you don’t report finding them and someone finds out then they might pot the you…and whoever hid them was obviously potty…but isn’t a potty something you pee in? Of course I would be peed off to get potted.

Could well be a million NZ dollars worth there as some of the genuine Roman gold coins are extremely valuable. Not only that but now and again coin hoards have changed history by bringing to light new, unknown coins which tell us whole new stories.

Although they were never dated Roman coins could be dated to the year by the information on them.

I think it must have been the Arcobaleno Theatre!