Am I missing something?

Hi All

I used to be rather active on this site. However, over the past 18 months have been out of active due to leg troubles.

Just starting to get back into detecting and can’t help but think, I must be missing something…

I use a Garrett AT Pro and have hauled out over 1kg in silver coins, many silver rings and one gold sovereign. However, this is where my gold ends… I never find any. Am I too selective with what I dig?

Any advice or tips people are willing to share, I would greatly receive them!

Happy hunting all!


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Hi Joshua
I wouldnt be thinking you have missed something. For a starter you have found the holy grail of detecting - a GOLD sov (lucky b…d). Thats more GOLD than most have found.
Ive found 50 odd rings and two of them were GOLD. Many were plated as were some other finds.
Its where you find it, it will turn up from time to time.
So no - you have’nt missed anything.
happy hunting and good luck out there.




I’ve only been detecting haphazardly for a couple of years.
I found a 5 gram gold ring. Zero silvers, a few old decimals, and a couple of dollar coins.
My detector only tells me if it’s iron or not.

Mostly it’s about digging lots of junk. And research will be your best friend.
Find a location that had lots of people, the people weren’t poor, and the location ideally has changed from what it previously was - eg abandoned/overgrown with bush & not well known.
You might have to read some old history books about your local area.

Sometimes you can get lucky going over an area that has been detected before (Hagley Park), some spots have been missed, or get into the bushes that used to be grassy areas.

Check this out; Thames 1850’s

The hills were cleared by kauri forestry, then stripped for mining. Little more than low scrub remained, this went back about 10km.

And now:

The bush has had no trouble growing back (Thames at top, Tararu foreground). And it is very dense.


Yes AT Pro is not a good on finding small gold I have found out

Im no expert but they say GOLD is heavy and sinks to the nearest hard spot where it lays until moved by a greater force.
In md terms it is down deep.

Shady as