All done for now!

Sorry for clogging up the forum page guys but just thought I’d get all the public areas posted now so everyone has a chance to comment over the weekend…thats me all done…hopefully we get a fair few members to contribute some good info.Already some good stuff on Goldborough and lyell.
Cheers Mal


Well done Mal, this info will be so very helpful to us all and help those families who just want to show their kids a bit of fun in the rivers.

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Nah, you’ve made the forums come alive, thank you.

It’s a good time to make these, hopefully over the summer we’ll see a lot of gold posts :yellow_heart:

This is exactly the type of info I have been looking for. As a newbie to this game it’s so helpful to get as much info as I can.
Keep on swinging

Thanks Mal, your posts will be a great help to us northerners wanting to make our way down for a week or so of adventure.