Alfred river claim

Just wanting to know if anyone knows who has put the claim on the alfred river i would like to get in touch with them thanks just pm me would be great.


that used to be my claim where the Alfred and pell join at fraser flat. there has been a lot of claiming going on up there in the last couple of months . pm me and I will give you contact details that may help sorry cant workout how to pm

Someone’s now lodged a claim on the rest of the Alfred below your old one @kiwikeith. I’ve let the applicant know that @shootguts would like to make contact so hopefully they’ll get in contact if interested in communicating :wink:


@kiwikeith hey mate i did send you a private message and thanks @gavin im just wanting to see if the claim holder and i could come to a deal regarding panning and sluicing on there claim

thanks got your pm I replied but somehow it must have got los .the guys name is [redacted] and lives in Christchurch
because its a SNA river he only is allowed to pan and sluice from what I have heard, don’t know how true these stories are that you hear.

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whats SNA Kiwikeith?

SNA significant natural area
don’t know why maybe because of the lake daniels spawning for the trout. maybe because of the gold and they just don’t want mining in the river.
more imfo if you google it