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Alert for Otago miners - remarkables conservation area scheduling

Hot off the press is another attempt to close gold miners out of economic areas.
This will hurt a number of hobby and commercial operators in the Nevis. We should all submit and support Nevis miners.

Doc are looking to shut you out of these areas.


this will impact


Submission forms are at:

Email to by 26 Feb 2021

If you don’t collectively stand up and protect your hobby or livelihood, then you can’t moan.


Thanks for posting Darryl, much appreciated

thanx Darryl, always interesting to see how DOC and the tweety bird folk have an agenda to shut down mining. Why do they choose to go right over existing claims instead of stopping at the claim boundaries? only reason is the tweety bird folks do not like mining and will stop their at nothing to prevent mining by any means possible, They have had a district plan failure so now they attack mining through DOC conservation management areas.

Hi Darryl, thanks for your work keeping us informed. I’m writing a submission, but not sure which classification we should be pushing for. Is it possible for DOC to leave the area as stewardship land, or must it be reclassified? Which classification is best for miners?

Hi Madgoldnz, Yes, the best outcome for those interested in the economic potential of the area is for DOC to retain the current classification of “Stewardship Land”, and I would advise all to make their submission on that basis.

The reason being, any consultation with DOC whether it be for a DOC AA, or Affected Party as part of a neighbouring Resource Consent, will involve assessment of the proposed activity against the neighbouring “Conservation Values”. If these conservation values are re-classified and lifted, then the challenge of mitigating the potential affects will further increase.


Looks like there are six active permits in (or partially in) Remarkables Conservation Area:

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