AirBuddy type setup for sniping

Could be good for sniping:

Limited time on battery so I guess the old petrol motor option might be better on that front.


Just watched a YouTube video with levi from tassie boys and rob parsons using theses looked good

I dont know which is better brand but the ones i saw were called blue nemo and looked good!

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Sounds like Levi was having problems with his one. He didn’t elaborate on it though. Shame the batteries don’t last longer. Expensive suckers to buy extra ones to give you a good days use.

I contacted the supplier in Australia of one of these set ups with two batteries as it was stated that shipping was free for orders over $200. I was asking if that included to NZ & how much for extra batteries. That was on Sunday night & I have had no answer. That is pretty piss poor. Have been looking in to a couple of chinese made versions that the battery lasts 6 hours for one diver & 3 hours for two divers & goes down to 12 meters. Cost including shipping is way cheaper than the Blu3 Nemo.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I bet you looked ta the same place as me: Nemo by DiveBLU3 (Compact Dive System + Backpack) | Detect-Ed Australia ?

I did a dummy order to see how much shipping was, but online it says they don’t ship to NZ. Will be interesting to see what they come back with to you… if they do.

I’ll be curious to hear about any good options you come across :wink: I have a few deep pools on my claim I don’t want to drag the dredge up to but am keen to snipe the bottom of!

Hi Gavin. I got an answer today.

Re: New customer message on 12 February 2023 at 2:58 pm


|### Detect-Ed Metal Detecting|11:15 (7 hours ago)

Hello John,

Thank you for your inquiry! The Nemo is an incredible unit, and with 4 batteries you’d be well and truly set for adventure👌

We’ve just been advised of a potential batch issue from BLU3 with the latest stock which is currently being resolved here in Australia. If you’re not in a rush, we would advise waiting for a week or so and we’ll be happy to advise a price and delivery details as soon as the issue is resolved.

Thank you for your understanding 😊 We’d hate to supply a unit with a potential issue.

BLU3 are a great company so we believe they’ll have this under control ASAP.

Kind Regards,



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