Air travel with detector

Anyone there with experience taking a detector on AirNZ to Australia and back? Any issues/problems?

Depends on the machine. If it’s got inbuilt Li-Ion batteries then preferably needs to be carry on. Ones like the Nox800 are okay as they are under the max Wh capacity and you can easily remove the head unit.

I had no issues with carry on, though attracted more attention at security checks.

I used to travel frequently by air with a ctx3030 put battery in my carry on rest of it in checked luggage pays to check with airline at check-in that everything all okay, never had any issues at all, insulation tape accross any battery terminals for bonus points.
Have been informed that a pinpointer looks like a adult toy on xray.
Make sure everything clean of any dirt,eg digging tool, under skid plate, in case biosecurity wants to have a look.

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