Air compressor advise please

Hi, I’m a beginner hobby gold seeker with a small dredge. I want to go a little deeper than head height and will be purchasing a compressor and mouth piece. I want something simple, light weight and not too pricey. Can anyone tell me what they use and where to purchase and any other tidbits. I’m Southland/Otago based. Thanks

Dredge NZ have all the bits. I have a spare t80 compressor off a old dredge I might be keen to sell, also a portable Keene kac compressor setup with a 2.5hp engine I don’t use so might sell?


Hi Element, I may be interested in purchasing one of your compressors, have sent you a orivate message. Cheers

Thanks for your reply. Still gathering info b4 I make any purchases.

Your options are pretty limited, if element’s got a T 80 for sale,I’d grab it before someone else does . Make sure your pump motor shaft will accept a pulley first though.