After a bit of advice - Arrow River

Looking to go to Arrow river is there vehicle access. Can’t really walk far fractured ankle last year having issues with it still.

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Yes but depends what you are driving. 4wd is ok but high ground clearance is necessary or shall we say beneficial otherwise lower 4wd or all wheel drive vehicles could get hung up. If you drive up the first steep part of the track to Macetown you can then drive down a fairly steep descent to Scoles Tunnel.

Suggest you park in car park right by river, easy short walking across river bed to river, you will just be shoveling flood shingle in this area if you are sluicing. Good Luck

What is the name of the road. Haven’t been to arrow Town for almost 40 years

It is basically an extention of Buckingham Street which gives you access to the river. At the north end of the main Street (Buckingham Street) you just veer right near enough to 45 degrees and down past the Chinese Settlement and continue on into the car park. You can park there as suggested by nuggetned but I would go as far as you can drive and if a 2wd then do not go beyond the first river crossing.

I have a mitsi triton so no issues

You need to look at the area you can actually sluice, all of the arrow is under claim outside of the fossicking area.

River car park is off Ramshaw Lane, right behind the town area, easy to find

Thanks ever one found my way there just have to clean up my concentrates now

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Do share some winter gold pics


I have got my concentrate down to a few spoonfulls. But it is my first time so I will wait to have bit more experience. I see a bit of gold


Good on ya @deecaig but brrrr, looks bloody cold! At least the frosts should have been keeping the sandflies at bay :slight_smile:

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